Linda Waters Finds Atmos Energy to be Excellent Fit

By Judy Smith

Although Linda Waters didn’t take the traditional route to her position as Manager of Public Affairs at Atmos Energy, one of the leading natural gas providers in the country serving over three million customers in eight states, it seems as though she was destined for this role. With her elegant, warm nature, Waters is an excellent fit for her position and an amazing mentor for many in the corporation and the community.

Waters attended Jones County Community College and the University of Southern Mississippi with aspirations of a future in advertising and marketing.  Opportunities led her in the retail industry, but fortunately for Atmos Energy, Waters eventually found her way to the company, beginning at Mississippi Valley Gas and moving up through the ranks to her current role.

“Although I didn’t take the conventional path to my position here at Atmos Energy, I can’t imagine doing anything else,” Waters said. “I enjoy what I do, and I enjoy working on such an outstanding team.”   

Many tasks and responsibilities fall under Waters’ title, and she enjoys them all. Waters regularly visits the office in Plano, TX to teach and mentor others in the company. “I have the pleasure of engaging with employees and community leaders across Mississippi.  I also have the honor of serving as a facilitator in the orientation and new employee development experience at our world class Charles K. Vaughn training facility in Plano, TX.”  

“Our vison is to be the safest provider of natural gas service, provide exceptional customer service, and to be recognized as a great employer.  Being on a diverse team enriches the work environment and brings synergy to our culture. We consistently engage our team in safety training, community engagement, and employee development which gives us leverage to realize the vision,” Waters said.  

Atmos Energy is supportive in communities and encourages employees to get involved through volunteer services. Last year, the company logged an astonishing number of over 3,000 hours of volunteer work, and made contributions to great causes all over Mississippi. Waters and her husband, Roger, are members of Anderson United Church and are active in the community as well. They have always stressed the importance of selflessness and giving back to their two children.

“My husband and I encourage our children to have a positive outlook on life,” Waters said. “I strive to be the optimist and bring humor in situations to create positive fun environment through employee engagement.”  The most gratifying aspect of Waters’ work is watching employees grow and develop in their work. With her vibrant, helpful attitude, Waters has become an excellent role model for many, not only in the Atmos Energy Corporation, but the community as well.

I am blessed to be to in the position to serve,” Waters said. “I hope that I can make a difference in the lives of others in service. I enjoy seeing people advance and experience growth.

Atmos Energy emphasizes teamwork, and Waters feels very grateful to be a part of the team. Although many might consider this to be a male-dominated field, Waters can’t recall facing any discrimination because of her gender and is always pleased to see even more women come into this field. For Waters, if she can leave a legacy of service, she has accomplished what she has been put on this planet to do.

“If my work adds value, then I am pleased,” Waters said. “It is a constant aspiration to be the best ‘me’ that I can be, so I work hard to become better at what I do and strive to be a person that is always willing to help and serve others.”

Without a doubt, the charming, humble personality of Waters has helped her achieve her goals, but she is always working to be even better through guidance, support, and assistance. Waters is such an inspiration for many at Atmos Energy and in the community and has built a tremendous legacy of success and service.

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